Natural Yarn Producer of the Month

There are many yarn producers in the industry today, bringing forth thousands of beautiful, high quality yarns for knitters. While many of them produce only synthetics, superwash and other chemically treated and produced yarns, there are some who are devoted solely to producing natural, earth-friendly yarns. Many yarn producers create beautiful wool, alpaca and other natural yarns, but taint them with superwashing or small amounts of synthetic additives, like nylon and acrylic.


Additionally, a great many yarn companies produce both natural and non-natural yarns and we fully support their natural efforts. We love their alpaca, wool, cashmere, silk and other natural yarns and we encourage you to buy them, while avoiding their synthetic selections.


However we feel especially grateful to those few companies who still hold true to their natural standards and continue to produce only natural yarns, despite the fact that they could increase their profits by adding even small amounts of cheap synthetics. Many people turn away from a 100% wool sock yarn and choose instead the 90% Wool 10% Nylon alternative. To save on cost, many people buy synthetic yarns, or synthetic/natural blends. Few realize the health effects of these choices and thereby support the synthetic fiber industry while turning away from companies trying to bring only natural, eco-friendly and healthy yarns to the world.

In support of those few who still produce only 100% natural yarns, we recommend them as our choice Natural Yarn Producers of the Month and we ask our customers to support them and raise the demand for only natural yarns, for the sake of ourselves and the earth and animals around us:

 ~ May 2019 ~

Natural Yarn Producer of the Month:

The Fibre Co.

"Each line in our range of natural fibre yarns is carefully developed by us to achieve the perfect combination of softness and structure. The colour palettes are created to achieve subtle variation in tone and saturation in a fine array of balanced shades. The result is an elegant yarn worthy of the most special projects—yours!" ~ The Fibre Co.

A producer of some of the finest lines of natural yarns; The Fibre Co. is dedicated to luxury blends. Try out their camel, silk, mohair and other amazing yarns, from lace to bulky and dyed in a beautiful array of rich colors.

 Thank you Fibre Co., for preserving the natural yarn industry!

Read more about why we support only natural fibers and find out the health and environmental

effects of synthetics and chemically treated yarns:

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