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  • Each pack includes 3 needle gauges (one each in Maple, Cherry and Walnut), in the animal and needle system of your choice. These packs are excellent gifts for siblings or for those who just can't pick a favorite wood!


    You may also add a custom engraved message to the back of each needle gauge, for no extra charge! To add your messages, fill out this form after placing your order.

    US Gauge Sizes: US 1 - US 17
    UK Gauge Sizes: UK 13 - UK 00
    Metric Gauge Sizes: 2.25 mm - 7.5 mm

    Each gauge measures 4⅜” x 3¾ inches.

    Tri-Wood Packs

    • WALNUT: A beautiful American wood with a dark brown color and gentle grain lines. This sustainable wood is durable and extremely popular.


      CHERRY: Our favorite hardwood, cherry is lighter in color than walnut, but darker than maple; a beautiful reddish-golden color.

      MAPLE: A creamy North American hardwood, maple is the lightest in color, very durable, with fine straight grain lines.

      All three woods are all natural and sustainably sourced, with no chemicals, dyes or paints used in the manufacturing process They are buffed to a silky smooth finish and treated with a glossy natural flax oil, to create a beautiful sheen and protective coating.

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