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Yarn Winding Tools

Yarn swifts and winders are indispensable tools for knitters who work with a lot of hanks; cutting down winding time for each hank to under a minute. A good quality winder and swift will last for years to come and save you many hours of tedious hand-winding. Umbrella swifts are the most common, but upright swifts are a practical choice for space conservation and don't require clamping to a desk.

The Bergere de France Yarn Winder is an excellent horizontal desk winder with an easy winding handle.

The Knit Picks Ball Winder is a common choice, with a table clamp and smooth handle and breaks down easily for storage.

The Knitter's Pride Wool Winder is almost identical in design to the Knit Picks winder, though more expensive.

The Love Knitting Wooden Swift is a classic wooden swift with a secure table clamp, available only in the UK.

The WEBS Plastic & Metal Swift is a durable and lightweight swift, an excellent choice for frequent use.

The TOIKA Wood & Metal Swift is a more expensive option, but very high quality and sure to last.

The TOIKA Metal Swift is also more expensive, but exceedingly strong, built for years of rigorous use and heavy yarns.

The TOIKA Upright Swift is a sturdy floor swift, capable of holding two hanks at once for quicker yarn processing.

The WEBS Swift & Winder Combo is an excellent choice, more economical than purchasing a swift and winder separately.

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