Yarn Sample Packs

Every knitter, from beginner to advanced, has been faced with the question “What is the best yarn for my project?” or “What is the best replacement for a discontinued yarn?” The vast selection of yarns available can challenge a knitter when trying to pick just the right one. Buying a skein of every option is hardly cost-effective and even touching a skein at your local yarn store leaves many questions unanswered: Will this yarn match my gauge? How good is the stitch definition? What will it look like once it's knitted?

Many knitters are happy to offer suggestions for the best yarn to use. But personal preferences vary and your search can result in hundreds of recommendations. The well-intentioned advice lands us right back where we started--confused. And keep in mind that a person's recommendation is influenced by the number of yarns they've been able to try.


Additionally, knitters  who've never used natural fibers are often unaware of the plethora of natural options now available. They likely go to their big box store and hunt for an hour to find the one natural yarn that the store carries.  With high hopes, they start their project only to find that it's undesireable. What knitter hasn't invested in yarn for a project and been disappointed when the yarn was too scratchy for an infant or the stitch definition too fuzzy for a delicate lace piece? As a result, they wind up thinking natural

is not all it's cracked up to be. Even those knitters who use natural yarns may not realize just how soft and luxurious a quality yarn is because many quality yarns are often unavailable in local yarn stores. But fear not, we have the solution!

To help you cope with this ever-growing knitting conundrum, we offer Yarn Sample Packs, soon to be available in the full range of natural fibers and weights.  Each sample pack will include up to twenty 2-yard samples of various yarns.  Most packs are grouped by type of fiber with the same weight across all samples, in order to have an apples-to-apples comparison. With two yards of each, you can knit up a small swatch to see how the yarn looks and feels -- on the needles and after it's knitted, without having to invest in full skeins. All packs contain only one yarn from any given company.  This allows you to compare not only the feel of each brand but the difference in quality and coloration. With these affordable sample packs, you need never ask what yarn to use again. Purchase the yarn for your next project with confidence knowing, in advance, that your money won't be wasted.

Each pack comes with detailed information on each of the sample yarns, including brand name, yarn name, weight, yardage and the color of each. For a full list of the yarns featured in our different packs, click here.

*Due to the short length of the fiber, 100% possum yarns are not available