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Close up photo of pair of European minks


Pronunciation: (ming-k)

Mink hairs are short and thick, but very soft. The mink re-grow their fleece about 3 times a year. To gather the fleece the farmers handle the mink with heavy gloves because mink are very aggressive animals. They then cut the fibers by hand.

The mink fiber is cut and combed from live animals and the animal is not harmed in the process.


Yarns made of 100 % mink are available, but not practical. The short and delicate fibers break down easily in 100% yarns. Most mink yarns are a blend of mostly mink with some wool, silk or cashmere added to provide strength. A typical mink yarn will be about 70% mink.The mink yarns are very beautiful and soft. They have a unique feel that is unlike other yarns.


The natural color of mink's fur is a glossy dark brown. This is the color most people associate with mink. Mink that are commercially farmed can have other colors. By selectively breeding the mink, lighter brown colors can be achieved, as well as pure white and black.

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