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Where The Animals Live

Muskoxen in Greenland
Guanacos in Torres del Paine, Chile
Vicuña in South America
Huacaya Alpaca in Arequipa, Peru
Herd of Mongolian Camels
Bison at Yellowstone National Park
Guanacos in Patagonia
Pair of Huacaya Alpacas
Beautiful golden Muskox
Vicuña in Chimborazo, Ecuador
Domestic Yak in Nepal
Bison Herd in Montana
Family of Muskoxen
Llamas in San Pedro de Atacama
Vicuña fawn in Chile
Vicuñas in El Tatio, Chile
Alaskan Muskox
Pashmina Goats in Ladakh, India
Bactrian Camels in Russia
A Llama guarding sheep in W. Sussex
Domestic Yaks in the Himalayas
Camels in Nubra Valley, India
View of the Peruvian Andes

Natural fibers can be found everywhere. They come from animals and plants, raised and grown throughout the globe, some in the wild and others in domestication. On each continent, in each country, down to the tiniest family farms in the smallest towns, natural fibers are being produced to meet the growing demand for them. Throughout the world, knitters, crocheters and other fiber lovers are turning away from synthetic fibers and raising the demand for more natural fibers.

Every natural fiber has its source; either in an animal or plant. And each source has its origins. The maps below show the native ranges of each of the following plants and animals. The maps indicate only the countries where the fibers are primarily found, not the exact regions within the countries. Some animals are now raised in domestication in countries outside their native ranges, which are not included on the following maps.

Alpaca Natural Range Map

Map of alpaca range

Angora Rabbit Natural Range Map


Bamboo Natural Range Map


Bison Natural Range Map


Cashmere Natural Range Map


Camel Natural Range Map


Cotton Natural Range Map


Guanaco Natural Range Map


Hemp Natural Range Map


Linen (Flax) Natural Range Map


Llama Natural Range Map


Mink Natural Range Map


Angora Goat (Mohair) Natural Range Map


Brushtail Possum Natural Range Map


Musk Ox (Qiviut) Natural Range Map


Vicuña Natural Range Map


Yak Natural Range Map


Slideshow images courtesy of WikiMedia Commons

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