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Standard Size Charts


While everyone's shape and size is different, the Craft Yarn Council of America (CYCA) has defined a set of standardized measurements, which can be used a general guide in designing knitted items. The numbers listed below coincide with CYCA standards.

How to Measure:


Measure snuggly around the fullest part of the chest/bust.

Center of Neck to Cuff:

With arm barely bent, measure from the back base of the neck to across the shoulder, around bend of elbow to wrist.

Back Waist Length:

Measure from the most prominent bone
at base of neck to the natural waistline.


Measure from shoulder to shoulder.

​Sleeve Length:

With arm barely bent, measure from armpit to cuff.

Upper Arm:

Measure around widest section of upper arm above the elbow.

Armhole Depth:

Measure from top outside edge of shoulder down to the armpit.


Measure the waist at the smallest circumference of natural waist (usually just above the belly button)


Measure widest part of hip.


Place tape across forehead and measure the full head circumference, keeping tape tight.

Foot Circumference:

Measure around widest part of foot.

Sock Height:

Measure from where the heel turn begins to the top of the sock cuff.

Total Foot Length:

Measure from back of heel to end of longest toe.

Baby Size Charts

Child Size Charts (Ages 2-10)

Youth Size Charts (Ages 12-16)

Women's Size Charts

Men's Size Charts

Head Charts

Child Foot Chart

Women's Foot Chart

Men's Foot Chart

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