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Fiber of the Month:


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This simple bias knit cowl is the perfect pattern to showcase a special luxury yarn. Knit straight in an easy-to-memorize repeat pattern, the delicate textured eyelets will make this cowl the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

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All around the world, the winter holidays are reflected in the spirit of the Nutcracker ballet. With a sly smirk and regal apparel, the Mouse King, leader of the armies of mice, is a must-have to complete your holiday scene.

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A metallic silk yarn, a rare stitch and an exquisite silver scarf pin are paired together to make this romantic winter scarf. This scarf brings to mind a knight with shining armor...add a touch of medieval romance to your knitted wardrobe.

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When pondering a natural fiber, many people instantly turn to wool which conjures up bittersweet memories of grandma's scratchy blankets or the itchy scarves she made us wear to school. However the past century has brought about advancements in the processing of natural fibers that would knock your socks off! It's exciting to explore the many selections of natural fibers that are soft and pure enough for baby’s delicate skin or luxurious enough to become your new favorite sweater.

Natural fibers come in many forms: from classic and cool cotton to warm and cozy alpaca. Eco-friendly bamboo yarn has become highly regarded for its sustainability and advantages over synthetic yarns. And let’s not forget the luxury group.....angora, silk, cashmere and qiviut.....the list goes on and on.

The benefits of natural versus synthetic, with regards to many health problems, are truly eye opening. Chronic sinus and allergy problems can become a thing of the past. You will sleep better and breathe easier, enjoying a peace of mind when bundling up your precious little ones or when offering an all-natural gift to a close friend or family member.

But don’t take our word for it -- try for yourself! We believe that once you’ve felt the joy of working with and surrounding yourself in pure and natural fibers, the way nature intended, you will never want to touch a synthetic skein again.


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